19 September 2012

All's well that ends well

Seren had her final post-surgery check up with her ophthalmologist today. This is really less of an event as it is a formality, since Seren pulled the tube out of her eye by herself little more than two weeks after we returned from Anchorage. However, it is nice to hear that the procedure was, indeed, successful from the professional who performed it. He was pleased to see that in addition to her eyesight being normal, she has not had even a single instance of gooping, crusting, swelling, or redness since he saw her last. The only concession he made on that report was the possibility that she may experience a similar tear duct blockage in the future, but we don't have any reason to worry about that, even if it does happen. It has been so nice not having to think about Seren's eye all the time, but should it happen again, we'll just take it in stride, just as we always have.

The actual silicon tube Seren removed from her eye on August 25, 2012