21 May 2011

Sitka Seafood Festival 2011

We weren't up to much this morning.

So we decided to load up the kids and head into town.

Today was the second annual Sitka Seafood Festival. Here are some of the highlights:

It started with a parade, during which the kids collected a quantity of candy that is sure to still be around by Halloween. We wandered around for a bit, checking out the merchant booths and aerial silk performance artist, Ginger Lee.

And then we had lunch.

That's local, fresh-catch crab and shrimp and those plates are huge. (Notice Stephen's hand in the picture above.)

We rounded out the day with a performance by the Naa Kahidi dancers.

And another performance by the Sitka New Archangel Russian Dancers (none of whom are male or actually Russian).

(I apologize for any motion sickness you may experience while watching any of the videos. I was recording using my iPhone and dodging children almost the entire time.)

After all that, the kids were pooped and so were we, so we left the party and headed back home for naps.


  1. looks like another rough day in sitka...my heart bleeds for you and your difficulties. i have a friend who may be coming through on a cruise with her son sometime late next month. if you see a tall blond woman and her blond very active 10 or so year old boy child, looking very southern, feel free to say hi angela and see if it's her...the boy is noah. enjoy

  2. The seafood did look fabulous! I'm so jealous! What a cool festival for your town!

  3. @Eric: I'll keep an eye out! Yeah, it sure is tough around here... I don't how we'll ever get used to it. :P

    @Beth: This place is just teeming with cool stuff like this. There is art and dance and craft and music and altogether involved and enthusiastic people at every turn.