09 June 2012

Seren's pictures (part 1)

I like the pictures. Not all of them are silly. I like the gray camera that Mama and Daddy gave me.

On the Ferry

This was on the deck.

I like railings a lot.
Mama taking a picture.
The front of the boat.
The side and the front of the boat.
Mama with her eyes closed.

On the Road

The man who works at Days Inn
The plant.
The man got out of the way so I could take a picture of the Days Inn sign.
The trees and the mountains.
The point of the tree and the clouds.

That is me!
That is the clouds.
This is the mud for the cars and trucks to get through.

Daddy driving.

I really like the car, but it's driving away, so I have to take a picture of it very quickly.

Two cars. Twins.
The van looks small to you.

The church.
The truck, the van, and the car going under the bridge.
Two cars. Twins.

Niagara Falls

Porter having fun with his bear pillow.
Porter smiling.
Porter enjoying the ride.
Porter being silly.

Aunt Elissa driving.
Porter enjoying the ride to Niagara Falls.

Porter talking to Aunt Elissa, Baba, and me.
Porter looking at Aunt Elissa's car seat.
Porter likes saying "cheeseburger" for the camera.
Rainbow Bridge.
Horseshoe Falls.
American Falls.
American Falls.
Horseshoe Falls again.
Rainbow on top of the trees.
Rainbow again on top of the trees.
Rainbow again again on top of the trees.
Skylon Tower.
Horseshoe Falls through Skylon tower.
Horseshoe Falls again through Skylon Tower.
American Falls through Skylon Tower, which is very beautiful and very nice.
Batman car from the movies.
(Mom edit: The Tumbler from Batman Begins.)


Papa cuddling with Porter in Porter's bed at Papa Nate's house.

Bye-bye! That's all the pictures I wanted to show you!


  1. Some notes from Mama:
    These are actually a very small percentage of the pictures that Seren took. She and I sat down and went through nearly 300 pictures that were uploaded from her camera and these are the ones that she picked to show all of you. All of the captions are straight from her mouth. Nothing was edited. I hope you all enjoy this collection as much as I do!

  2. an amazing child...and scary how much time it's been and how much she must have grown since the last time i saw all y'all...hopefully we can visit soon.

  3. and great shots...would love to sit with her and hear her story of the trip so far...

  4. Nice pictures, Seren! Can't wait to hear stories when you all get back! (And so nice of the Days Inn man to step out of the way.)

  5. Thanks for sharing these photos, Seren. :)

  6. Great job on the captions Seren, thanks for the pictures