06 October 2010

Fortress of the Bear

A couple of weeks ago we went to Fortress of the Bear for their family event (free admission) to visit the facility and see what it's really all about. It's a bear sanctuary, of sorts, designed to permanently house two very special bears, but also to give a temporary home to any bear that is captured due to residential concern or that is rescued with injury. The enclosures are made from two abandoned water clarifying tanks, each 3/4 acre in size. The bears are fed outdated produce, baked goods, and dairy products that are donated by the local grocery stores, a donation that reportedly saves the city and businesses more than $10,000/year in waste disposal. There are plans for a museum and gift shop and there are already a good number of volunteers that proudly serve the cause. They have a snack shop and a petting zoo, and are doing everything they can to educate people about the diminishing bruin population.


Porter and the miniature pony

Seren, Porter, and Stephen peeking in on the petting zoo animals

Miniature pony & sheep

Seren petting goats

Temporary residents

Temporary habitat for fostered bears

Permanent residents

Showing off

"Wave and say hi!"

Permanent habitat

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