26 October 2010

going inactive

This is the post that surprises nobody. It is the one in which I observe that it's been nearly a month since JoElle or I posted anything, and that we don't seem likely to post again soon. It's the post in which I mention that there is plenty going on, but that we don't have the time nor motivation* to share with the frequency that we once did. It is also the one in which I mention that we don't want to kill the blog, but do want to assemble a list of people to notify when we post new things (seriously, email me or the wife or leave a comment here with your email address [don't worry, we'll read and delete your comment so that your email address isn't on the internets for holycrapeveryspambotintheworld to steal it] if you want to be put on the mailing list for new posts).

Since you, dearest reader, have put in the effort to come here and see what I had to write, I might as well go ahead and give you a mini-update! Today marks the culminating day of the Region V Southeast Honor Fest, better known as Honor Band or Honor Choir to the participants. I brought one student, a tenor, and have had a great time interacting with students and colleagues. This is the second time that I've gotten together with the music teachers of the region and the second time that I've loved working with my peers this year! This trip has been lots of fun and productive, considering I've managed to meet two of the titans of music in Sitka (the local guitar and music studio guru and the middle school music teacher who is widely considered the backbone of the public schools' music program). I've also gotten to perform in a mens' ensemble (they made me sing a brief solo, even!) and to play claves on a choir piece.

I love my job/Alaska/this region/my colleagues.

*Quick note on motivation: With the way that our schedules have rapidly filled up, JoElle and I have both found ourselves frequently mentioning that we should post about something in here and then not getting to it for long enough that it loses its freshness. It's hard to write something urgent, interesting, and good when it feels like old news.


  1. If Mike's the backbone, can I be the femur please? That or the corpus callosum. You decide. ;)

  2. Somehow, calling you a fleshy lump of nervous tissue that allows for the sides of the brain to communicate with each other just seems right.

  3. Great. I can't wait to introduce you to Susan the Pancreas and Brandi the Placenta.