07 July 2011

trip to Michigan/Ohio part 1

To be fair, this post isn't really about any Alaskan adventure. It does involve Alaska Airline (still my favorite company with which to fly) and my first trip out of Alaska in a year and two days, so it'll have to be close enough.

I'm not going to go into any of the hairy details, but suffice to say that I've been to four airports and sat on five airplanes in the space of 12 hours and I'm not ready to think about flying for a little bit.

I saw some very photogenic stuff on the way in to Seattle, but the camera wasn't handy in time. The leg from Seattle to Portland, though, I was prepared! Here are some pictures taken at 15,000ft of Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens (if you can't tell which is which, I don't know where you've been since 1980). The final picture was taken on the approach to Portland, with St. Helens and Rainier on the left side of the image, St. Helens in front.

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