10 July 2011

trip to Michigan/Ohio part 2

In this post: visiting with college friends, some of whom I haven't seen in six years, rehearsal dinner for Kubby and Rachael's wedding, and the wedding, reception, and bridal party.

I flew into Detroit Thursday morning. I was scheduled to land at 6am, but we got in twenty minutes ahead of schedule. Kyle was nice enough to pick me up and let me stay at his place even though he had a full-day interview. I also got to meet his girlfriend, Amy! Having met every other girl he's seriously dated in the past decade, I've got to say that I'm really happy with the way they treat each other. A bunch of other great people showed up for drinks at Ashley's in Ann Arbor, where I got to try an Oberon (not the best one I've ever had) and a Midas Touch from Dogfish Head (holy hell, that's a good one!). Around the table: me, Andy Dill (Sinfonian), Charlie Dwyer (Sinfonian), Jeff Jia (Albionite), Master John Voorheis (economist), RoB Murdock (Albionite), RoB's girlfriend (!!!) Laura, Amy's friend Dana, Amy Latham (Kyle's girlfriend), Kyle Koehs, Beau Truex. Beau is a friend of Kyle's going way back, and we've had some good times hanging out in the past. All in all, a great night.

Friday night was the rehearsal. This is the first picture that was taken of Kubby and his groomsmen: Russell Van Vlack, Kub, Kurt Koubal, Kyle, and me. Over the next 30ish hours, Kyle, Russell, and I would get to know Kurt very well and raise some serious hell.

Kubby's uncle managed to embarrass the couple a great deal at the rehearsal dinner. It was awesome.

Getting dressed on Saturday and trying out the heavy equipment.

It didn't work anyway, but Russell was set to get a face full of bubbles.

After the wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Kubby and the other eight of us set out in a party bus to take pictures all over southeast Michigan. I'm not saying it got ridiculous, but it WAS hot and there WAS a cooler full of beer.

Slim Pickens ain't got nothin' on Kub.

Remember what I said about the party bus?

Inside the rehearsal hall, the view from the head table over the dance floor. It was a really nice place.

Way off in the back corner, there was a pair of tables full of Sinfonians. Somebody planned that well! I was really happy to see so many brothers I haven't seen in a while, especially those who are now in good relationships. Bean and Victoria look happy, Dave and Abby are great together, Russell and Laura seem to be a perfect match, Divo and Lauren, Kyle and Amy, Dave Friday and his libertine... I'm a bit sorry I didn't get pictures of all of these people, but it was really satisfying to see so many of my brothers doing so well and pleased with their lots in life. I got to have good talks with most of these guys and with Kris Arseneault as well (he came solo), and then we serenaded Rachael together and I got a pretty good Sinfonian fix!

Once the dancing started, the lights went down and I couldn't get good pictures. When the wedding photos are posted, I'll try to share some of those here. It was a great wedding for a great couple, and they looked happy, exhausted, and giddy at the end of the night. I hope they get a lot of space to recover and I know they're on a great start to the rest of their lives.

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