26 May 2012

ETD 30h

I hate all this lead up to a big trip. I think I like this part even less than all the loads of dirty laundry and unpacking that have to be done when we come back. It's the waiting, really. I hate all the hours spent planning, and packing, and cleaning, and checking, and re-checking, and calling credit card companies, and notifying the post office, and everything else we have been doing for the last two weeks just so we can get on the road to the ferry terminal 30 hours from now.

30 hours from now.

Oh, that's the part I like best. Five minutes after we're all on the ferry, standing in our cabin and setting our things down, that's when relief will wash over me. No more worrying, no more calls, no more chasing down loose ends, just the five of us and the adventure before us. Anything left undone will no longer matter. The only schedule we'll have to keep involves scenery and pit-stops. Our days will be filled with lively conversation, listening to music, reading and listening to books, taking pictures, and sharing the thrill of the road with all of you. And I absolutely cannot wait to get started.

There are things I'm not looking forward to, of course. I could do without a hot, humid summer in Cleveland. I'll miss Sitka, especially in June when we'll miss the start of the Farmer's Market and on the 4th of July. I'll miss the salmonberries, too. I'm also not looking forward to all the work that lays ahead, what with cleaning out Nate's house and sorting the contents. A man collects a lot of memories in 82 years and it will not be easy sifting through all the physical remnants of that life and deciding the fate of each item. I don't anticipate the feelings of loss once we get there. His laughter and wisdom will be missed especially when disputes arise. He was, after all, the Great Mediator of the family. But even these things are part of the journey and all worth the time, effort, and money we are putting into this trip.

Well, we're mostly packed now. Nika is excited to go. The kids are ready for the ferry ride. Most of the loose ends have been tied, trimmed, or tucked under the rug. Just 30 more hours to go.

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  1. less than 30 hours left to worry...then it can be about what you forgot. heading off to bed now. if you have time and want, feel free to call from the road., either in canada or the us. talk to you when. safe travels.