29 May 2012

Prince George (Day 2)

You may note that we have missed posting about Day 1. This is a sort of placeholder post, actually. We are safely (and exhaustedly) in Prince George, BC, having traveled from Sitka to Prince Rupert on the M/V Matanuska. We landed at about 11:30am BC time, were through Customs by noon, and got into the hotel room at about 11:15pm. There will be a post including pictures from the ferry and the car as well as a post including pictures and thoughts from Seren, but those will both come on a day when we're less exhausted. It's been a long day, but there've been some highlights.

  1. Porter made it the entire day wearing underwear with only one accident (too long between towns and he peed himself, but it was a long day with a lot of fluids and he did a great job).
  2. We saw a ton of wildlife. In order, a black bear, a moose, a deer, two more meese, and then, as dusk settled in, a lot more deer. Also, a beautiful old pickup truck for sale that I really wanted to stop for and I'm considering changing our return itinerary in order to go past it again...
Now, time for sleeping, as we'll lose an hour to the time zones tomorrow. It's been a good trip so far, and everyone's holding up well and having a great time!

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