27 May 2012

incommunicado/it begins!

We're headed to the ferry terminal!

For the next day and a half or so, we'll be unable to check email or other internet stuff and will also be largely without cell phone service. Midday Tuesday, we'll plug back into the world.

Some guidelines for communicating with us until we're in Cleveland:

  • If it's 28 May or 29 May, text us. We won't check email, the blog, or much else reliably until the evening of the 29th.
  • If it's after the 29th, email unless it's urgent.
  • If it is urgent, consider how urgent it actually is. If it's not the end of the world, text us.
  • If it's the end of the world, go ahead and call, but don't forget that we're using AT&T in Canada and we may come looking for cord blood from one of your children in order to pay our phone bill.
Finally, and it cannot be said enough times, we're headed to the ferry terminal! It's starting!

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