17 July 2012

Cody, Wyoming (Day 50)

Spearfish, South Dakota was a great place to spend the night. The Days Inn was worth every dollar, and the community was full of very pleasant people. From there, we headed directly into Wyoming. Our trip was basically I-90 all the way to Sheridan, then US-14 to Cody. A handful of quick reflections:
  1. Sheridan has a cute downtown, but the people are weird.
  2. Whoever made the decision to label the sediments visible while climbing the hogbacks on US-14 was a genius. As someone who geeks out on geology, it was awesome to be able to read the deposition dates, periods, and names of the different rocks.
  3. When you drive down a 10% grade for 14 miles, your brakes will get hot. Somewhere around 10 miles, they will be hot enough to smoke, and you will be able to char a tissue on them.
Now, some pictures, courtesy of JoElle!
Looking east from part way up the climb into the hogbacks.

The view into Big Horn Basin (part of Big Horn County). Not the small canyon in the midground.

Man, it sure is pretty for a place I wouldn't live.

Two adorable children blowing off steam and working out kinks from the road.
Tomorrow, we're going through Yellowstone National Park. Seren and I are both excited about the chance to see our first geysers, but the real reason for this massive detour is the chance to see a former student who's working at Yellowstone for the summer. Yeah, we're the kind of people who would go to the biggest national park in the country just to visit someone. We haven't seen her in a few years, so we're all looking forward to it.


  1. so....what were you doing putting a tissue on your brakes?

    and what do you consider weird people?

    happy trails.

  2. A) Checking their temperature, obviously.
    B) The list is actually not very short.