20 July 2012

Prince George, British Columbia (Day 53)

It seems like we've been here before!

After a 9-hour day of driving, we're staying in the same hotel we visited a month and a half ago. Today was a rough day, as we were all pretty tired. There wasn't anything of great note to share from the drive, except that we traveled about 715 km, almost exclusively on the same road (BC 97), which is the continuation of the road that we drove from Grand Coulee to Kelowna! I'm happy that I don't have to spend a third day driving on a route 97.

Tomorrow will take us to Prince Rupert, ending the driving part of our journey about 22 hours ahead of necessity. This gives us some time to recuperate, reorganize and clean the car, and take care of last-minute business before hitting the ferry home on Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. hmmm..starting to get a wee pit repetitious, no? and what happened to showing up just in the nick of time like all good heroes?

    glad to hear that you're close to the end of your driving for this trip.