21 July 2012

Prince Rupert, British Columbia (Day 54)

After putting in 9 hours on the road, we have arrived at our final destination before boarding the ferry home. We are all happy to be at our last hotel, relieved to be finished with the driving, and exhausted from the journey. We board the Taku tomorrow at 4pm for a leisurely 34-hour cruise back to our island paradise.

Our drive today was beautiful, however uneventful. Today's stretch of countryside definitely caused us to feel closer to home. It's nice to be back in the land of trees, and ocean, and 60 degree weather.

We will spend tomorrow afternoon checking out what Prince Rupert has downtown, before boarding our ferry home, but I should remind you all that we are still on International rates until we leave and will have no cell phone or Internet service while on the ferry. We are due to dock in Sitka at 4:15am, July 24th.


  1. Wow. You guys are pretty darn amazing.

  2. hmmm...trying to remember how i commented earlier today...was it Facebook or email or what? long and short of it...you made it! congratulations! i still don't understand why you're there so early instead of phoning from down the street asking them to hold the ferry because you just had to stop on the road when either took a wrong turn or made a detour for one of those wonderful roadside attractions...but welcome home. when you're settled back, let me know...and maybe we can talk.

    bon voyage!