27 July 2010

Politics? On THIS blog??

JoElle's given me a one-time dispensation to talk politics on this blog. If you want to know more about my political thoughts, there are other places that you can find them.

The reason I've been authorized to talk politics is because we were listening to Raven Radio on the way home from being Out And About today and got to hear part of the Sitka Assembly meeting, and the proceedings illustrate how great the difference is between our new home and our old home. Specifically, when we were almost home, the seven voting members of the Assembly (including Mayor Scott McAdams, who is running for Senate) took up the issue of altering the Sitka Code to allow for revised opening and closing hours on Sunday for businesses licensed to sell alcohol.

Discussion of the issue revolved primarily around whether there was any reason not to let businesses open earlier in the day. A mention was made of church attendance and whether employees would be able to work out the conflict there, and mention was also made of the desire of some community members to watch Sunday games on the big screens in the bars (remember, we're four hours behind EST here). One Assembly member even said that she saw no reason not to let them watch the game on the big screen and "they can have a beer if they want while they're at it, gosh darn it!" The police chief was asked for his comment, and he stated that the police department was really ambivalent about the whole idea, but that he could think of no reason to object to letting alcohol-serving establishments open earlier.

After discussion ended, a quick roll call resulted in the measure passing 6-1, allowing these businesses to open earlier on Sundays. At this point, JoElle looked at me almost incredulously and pointed out the brouhaha that would result from such a resolution even being proposed in Arizona, much less adopted. In Sitka, it was adopted in a very nonchalant, let-them-do-what-they-want-if-it-ain't-bugging-anyone-else manner. In Arizona, well, it's Arizona. I'll let you find my other political rants elsewhere to know what I think of Arizona politicians.


  1. I hate to break it to you...


  2. Wow. Thanks for that, Gordon! I'm not used to the AZ Legislature passing things that make sense like that (although they did have to get it in under the radar).

  3. i'm more excited hearing you talk politics than the other benefits of the move and was wondering when it would happen...i may have to find those old links just to keep amused and up to date...besides, i've missed the political rants, though the cause for them is another story...and was wondering why there were none...

  4. there is a delight to living in a "less" civilized society as there is a preponderance of "more" civilized behaviour, in terms of that which is not essential to the survival of the group as a whole.