02 July 2010

VERY brief update

It looks like I lost the coin toss tonight and get to do the update, but it'll be VERY short. We're in Ft. Saint John, BC after a 12-hour day of driving from Lloydminster, AB. Everyone is pretty shot, but the time zones are working in our favor and July 2 is a 25 hour day. Tomorrow, we drive another 12ish hours to Watson Lake, Yukon.

Good news: we're on the Alaska Highway already, we've seen some amazing things that may make mediocre pictures when we get a chance to upload them, and Chinese delivery in Canada is 83% better than it is in the US because of monosodium glutamate. (I don't care what the chemists say, I still think the "M" in MSG stands for "MMMMMMMM").

1 comment:

  1. canadian chinese? do they cook with beer instead of sherry? maybe that's what you liked...