09 July 2010

we're in!

Hi, everyone!

First, we're really glad to hear from so many of you and to see so many visits from all over during this past week. We keep hearing the same thing: "When will you be posting more pictures/stories?" Well, the answer to that is: soon!

We've had a very busy week getting settled in. On Sunday, we drove into Skagway and have been without a normal internet connection since then. We've both been checking our emails on our phones, so we've been in the loop with the absolute basics but not much else. We got into Sitka on Tuesday and everyone is doing well. The past few days have been a combination of running around getting ourselves set up in town (utilities, etc.), exploring the place we now live, and getting me set up at work. Today, we finally got our internet turned on, but it still took a few hours before we were able to get the computer plugged in.

Expect us to post more this weekend with pictures and reflections. There's a lot to say, and the adventure is just beginning!


  1. good to know y'all are recovering and settling. i know what it's like and will wait and contact after a bit. if you find yourself with time and want, holler. a colleague just bought land in alaska...a bit more impetus to get up there. i don't remember details...



  2. I don't know if "settled" is a word I should have used at this point, but we're definitely getting used to being here! Lots of work yet to be done...