01 July 2010

...because I'm talkin' about The Road!

Long day today. We covered almost 900 km from Brandon MB to Lloydminster AB, completely crossing Saskatchewan and seeing its biggest cities (Regina and Saskatoon). We spent about three hours loving the CBC Radio 2 coverage of Canada Day, featuring a bunch of Canadian musicians.

We just set up our hotels in Fort St. John BC (about 11.5 hours away) and Watson Lake, YT (about 12 hours past that), so that we can be in Skagway on July 4, dashing my hopes of a Canadian Independence Day. JoElle has been busy on the phone while I've been using Google Maps on my computer and we've been busting our butts trying to reserve the few remaining hotel rooms that will allow our pets in these remote locations. Oddly enough, Skagway is proving to be our biggest challenge in this regard.

The next two days will hurt, but then we're only doing 7 hours to Alaska (plus whatever occurs at Customs) and we will be able to have a long night's rest before loading up for the ferry ride to Sitka.

The end is almost in sight, but I don't dare start thinking of it. There's work aplenty to be done when we get to our new home (utilities, moving in, setting up an entire music program from scratch), so there'll be no rest for the wicked.


  1. first, i'm an idiot cuz i was looking for more posts in june not even realizing i was clicking on a month...i'm too wrapped up in myself at the moment. and world cup. but it should be my comps. when does school start and when do you need to have your program together? how much is based on the serendipity of jo's job hunt when i wonder what kind of community obligations and celebrations will happen when you get there? hopefully you'll be able to work on your program in the midst of pandemonium. good pandemonium, but nonetheless...

    looking forward to more pictures and ramblings. happy canada day...i'm using you guys as an excuse not to get my work done cuz i'm thinking about you...but got to get back. and yet again, continued safe tavels. be careful using the computer while driving...

    much love.


  2. 1) No way I'm answering all of those questions right now, as I just got out of the car after 12 hours. You really need to call us on Monday once we're back in the USA, because I can't hardly think, let alone type!

    2) We're not doing any typing while driving in Canada, but JoElle has done a few posts from the road in the US with her phone. That capability is disabled in Canada without spending 2 cents per kB, and we are too cheap for that.