30 June 2010

Impressions from the road!

OK, you need to understand two things to appreciate these pictures. 1) JoElle takes pictures with her phone and I take pictures with the camera while driving, so the pictures I take may not be in focus. 2) I have just picked up the camera to take shots quickly when something amused me. This means that a lot of my pictures are probably not representative of the area.



Yes, this is what I think of when I think of Wisconsin.

OK, there's some pretty stuff there, too.


North Dakota: beautiful driving, LOTS OF WIND

My kids are about as cute as it is humanly possible for kids to get. I say that as a completely unbiased individual.

Manitoba: not only north of North Dakota, also north of Minnesota!

Yes, rednecks have these on their cars at WalMart in Canada, too.


  1. I drive past the cheese place everytime I drive to Wisconsin. I know exactly where that is.

  2. ok...first things first...did you stop for cheese curds or, better yet, fried cheese curds? never had them, but know curd is an anagram for crud and it's not that hard to figure it out. you guys seem to be making good time. hope things are going as smooth as they seem to be...

    btw...what is that pretty stuff? just rocks or was it a build something or do you not know?

  3. It was just a rock outcropping! There were a number of them in that area, but this was the first one I saw and it caught my eye. No, we didn't have any cheese curds, but we did stop for a Flavor of the Day custard at Culver's!

  4. please don't let the flavor of the day be cheddar...i'm contemplating making some for the fourth...custard, not curds. or what i think ohioans refer to as frozen custard....