29 June 2010

Day Two/Six on the road

We just finished our second day of the second leg of our trip to Alaska, logging a combined 900ish miles in the past two days and winding up in St. Cloud, MN. I'm pretty sure that some joker kept pulling that Wile E. Coyote trick of grabbing the chunk of road we'd just driven and shoving it in front of us because Wisconsin felt approximately 6000 miles long. On the up-side, we did have a run from Chicago to Cheesyresortville, WI where the Pathfinder got 27 mpg, which is 4 mpg better than it's ever averaged before.

We're wrapping up our day at 8ish local time (got in to the hotel at 7ish and just finished unpacking and setting up). It feels good to be off the road early with a lot of travel done, and we're looking forward to getting into Canada tomorrow. Hopefully, the border crossing will be uneventful and we'll get to enjoy a clean country full of exceptionally polite people.


  1. set up? i always travel with "the bag" that i take in and out of the hotel or what have you with me. me, dogs, their food, and stuff to clean and relax with then put on new clothes the next day and move on. i'll bet being on the road early helps. granted i don't travel with kids, but i ignore time and such when i'm on the road--i find it helps with the time zone transition a lot. and that long highway drives definitely help with mileage. continued safe journey...

  2. I've driven to St. Cloud from Wisconsin. Boooo-rrrrr-ing....