21 June 2010

last day on the road (headed east, that is)

Yesterday we made a somewhat unscheduled stop in Joplin, MO to see my second family, the Kirbys. We only stopped for a little over an hour for lunch, but it was definitely time well spent. We had about 15 years of catching up to do, but Mike & Edythe seem to be getting along just fine and Shauna has a brood of her own. I was hit with a few surprise events (deaths, retirement, and a few other things), but somehow even after all this time, it felt like we were to able to pick up where we left off. It felt like home. The fact that yesterday was Father's Day only made it that much better. So if there are any Kirbys out there reading this post, thanks for making me one of your own. I love you guys.

On a much less sentimental note, today will be our last day on the road before we reach Cleveland. The animals are doing well and have been great on the road so far, but the kids are both a little frayed around the edges. Sleep schedules have been thrown out of whack and diet requirements are never easy to maintain on the road. Add to that a round of summer colds for the whole family and you get four people who just want a soft bed to call their own for a few days. Today will be about another 8 hours in the car before about a week of endless running around to see as many people as we can before packing the car up again and heading west.

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