16 June 2010

a quick note of thanks

Those who've been reading this blog for more than the past day will immediately notice a drastically different look to it. The main reason for that is the fact that we received an exceptionally awesome gift in the mail today from our favorite webcomic-creating toymaker, Chris Yates! He knew that we were heading to Alaska and we've been cultivating a friendship with him for a while now, helping him land a gig at The Orme School's annual Fine Arts Festival and purchasing many of his Baffler!s and other fun toys. Apparently, when you're friends with Chris and undertake fun new adventures, he sends you awesome puzzles of the places you're going! Our new header image is a picture of the puzzle that we got in the mail, Baffler #1051 ("AK").

Moral of the story: go buy stuff from Chris, because he's an amazing guy and his puzzles (and other toys) are exceptional.

1 comment:

  1. need to track him down...wish i were gainfully employed and could afford other than food, gas and cell phone...