10 June 2010

getting there...

So far, we have managed to find other homes for the following items:
  • living room couch set (single seat, recliner, angle couch, loveseat/hide-a-bed)
  • self-lifting recliner
  • double stroller
  • bike trailer
  • Wurlitzer Electronic Piano (I'll miss the sound of this one, but it's just enormous)
  • child slide
  • hammock (that one hurts)
  • brass lamps
  • patio set
  • a child-size school desk (elementary school style, with the lifting top)
  • a very good charcoal grill
  • a swively rolly computer chair
  • a five shelf bookshelf
  • pre-lit Christmas tree (only used once)
  • a vintage hand-made wooden high chair
We're even getting paid for a few of those items!

I took down the swing in Seren's room and broke down our dining room table, so we'll be eating off of a folding table for the next week.

We view laundry and dishes as things to try to keep up on as much as possible, but there'll be a cleaning blitz on those items in the last day or so.

There are still a few things that we need to get rid of. In particular, if you're interested in
  • a corner computer desk (warning: it's moved once before and won't take a lot of jostling)
  • an old school office desk (solid wood, with nine drawers)
  • a nice wooden coffee table
let us know! We won't pay to ship any of this stuff, but we are very willing to discuss price (free is not out of the question).

We have booked the movers and we have booked the ferry from Skagway to Sitka*.

We've set up our going-away party (see Jo's previous post) and we've notified everyone of our travel plans.

The task ahead of us is still insane and monumental in scope, but it's not as bad as it could be, nor as bad as it was!

*If you're curious about visiting Alaska at all and are considering a cruise, I recommend checking out the Alaska Marine Highway System as a possible option. We're traveling on a boat that has two dining options (cafeteria and Alaska-formal restaurant, and yes, Alaska-formal is tolerant of athletic shoes and jeans), we've booked ourselves a four-berth cabin for the night, and we're taking our car on board. For the 18 hours we'll be traveling this way, we get a window to watch all of what we're passing, we'll have a private bathroom, and it's for under $500. I know that's not amazingly cheap, but a significant chunk of that is the car. We'll be stopping for an hour and a half in Haines and for four hours in Juneau, giving a decent amount of time for other dining options, basic shopping, and possibly a bit of sight-seeing before we head to our new home.


  1. Sounds great, I'm looking forward to coming back and trying out this marine highway system... please keep us updated...

  2. Hey! I am so excited for your Alaskan adventure! Did you guys know that Sitka is on the 2010 list of the "Dozen Distinctive Destinations" by the National Trust for Historic Preservation? http://www.preservationnation.org/travel-and-sites/sites/western-region/sitka-alaska.html

    When I saw that, I thought of you guys and your odyssey. :)

  3. parts of this sound so familiar-especially the getting rid of and how am i going to get there...in fact, at one point i think you were a move beneficiary....hope all is going well.