18 June 2010

almost on the road!

We just spent the night in sleeping bags on the floor. Not as bad as it could have been, but I know two people who definitely aren't 14 any more. We got the carpets vacuumed last night and have to mop the tile and scrub a few counters this morning before we have the head of maintenance come over and look things over. Once he's done, we head to the business office to try to get our housing deposit back. Once THAT is done, we hit the road!

Our plan is to go about 200 miles and stop for lunch in Holbrook with our friend Roger at Romo's (disregard that negative review - I've never seen service that bad, although it's rarely perfect) for my last fried shredded beef tacos for a long while. Once that's over, we're getting back on the road to try to make it to eastern New Mexico for the night. Our goal is to make it to Tucumcari, where I'll do my best not to talk like John Wayne all night.


  1. I got a speeding ticket just outside of Tucumcari.... in like 1985...

  2. were you able to go tucson to tucumcari? i was way excited the one time i did...but i forget if it was tehachapee or tonopah that i never found.

    i would have had to hit up the ...berto's for green chili, which i seemed to miss in december. i miss those wonderful road trips...though i can't drive for like 16 hours alone like i used to...happy trails