19 June 2010


Stephen and I have talked often of how/where I would find even part time work once we get to Sitka. With so much else to worry about with the move, we put the concern for my employment on the back burner with a little bit of hope reserved on the side for picking something up once we got settled in. We did some light research here and there just so we would have some idea where to start. One of the more promising places we found was a chain of grocery stores (4 total in Sitka) that also have pharmacies, video rental, and other amenities on site. The largest store in the chain, Seamart, is only a couple of blocks from the house we've rented. At some point a few weeks ago, I emailed a resume to the HR department that handles all of the stores. A few days later, I recieved a very informal reply which told me that my resume would be sent to the stores and I would be contacted by a manager soon to discuss open positions. Today (just now, in fact) I answered a phone call from the hiring person at Seamart with not one, but two part time possibilities that will be available to me once we get in. My instructions are to go into the store as soon as we get to Sitka so my employment can be discussed further.

Two things stand out to me about this right now:
1. I am amazed that I have had a callback on the only job I have applied for since moving to Orme, and only casually pursued at that.
2. This kind of thing seems to be the trend with all of our interactions with the people of Sitka.

Observation: If everyone in Sitka is as friendly and willing to help as everyone we've talked to so far, we will do just fine.

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  1. I'm always amazed by how things work out when you do the right thing. safe travels and enjoy the ride.