20 June 2010

clarification is apparently necessary

We've had a number of people asking us why we're headed east to go north. This is a reasonable question, as we have not yet talked about this on the blog. My family lives in Cleveland and we had a trip planned to see them this summer before the job offer came through in Sitka. After doing some really deep soul-searching and budget examination, we made the decision to cut our trip to Cleveland down from six weeks to about one in order to take care of some of the more important things we were going to do during our visit. Among those things are spending time with my three remaining grandparents, all of whom are aging and two of whom haven't seen either of our kids in a while. The effort and expense of driving 2000 extra miles will take their toll, but we felt that this was important to do. We're also going to have a chance to see some of JoElle's family that we haven't seen in several years and to visit with some of my best friends (and give some baby stuff to one of them who's expecting his first in October!).

In other news, day two of the trip went well, but Tulsa is miserable at 84% humidity. I think I sweated out five excess pounds just doing the stairs twice at our hotel. Today's agenda: visiting JoElle's godparents near Joplin, MO and heading into southern Illinois, possibly getting as far as Indianapolis.

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